Friday, April 26, 2019

Markiting Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Markiting - Case Study ExampleThe paper would mend an attempt to explore marketing mix of Sainsburys (2011), effect of internet on the same, issues that have arose from cultures or globalisation and Search engine optimisation (Pickton & Masterson, 496-499, 2010). Marketing Mix Product Quite understandably, being a retailer the product of Sainsburys (2011) ranges from grocery to home furniture, organic products to frozen foods, sports goods to clothing, from fashion to DVDs, the product cables length of Sainsburys is spread over different products. However, the focus has been to create a product line, which is more(prenominal) be towards non-perishable items rather than perishable items. For most of the large sized stores of Sainsburys would end up stocking more than 30,000 lines. However, authorized here to note is that out of these 30,000 lines around 6,000-7,000 product lines would be the companys own strike off goods. Important here to note is that Sainsbury has been active ly extending umpteen product lines as well. For example, there are more than 700 line of the basic product, which the economy product line of the company. Furthermore, the company has too extended to include more than 1100 premium products in its line under the umbrella of Taste the difference category. Moreover, this has also allowed the company to sew its product line greatly. Sainsburys is now selling many well-known brands and along with them, it is selling many brands that have been custom made for its customers. Place Without any doubts, the factor of place has great importance in marketing. The company currently holds more than 872 stores all over United Kingdom. The stores appear to be in leash formats including the regular stores, convenience and smaller supermarkets and the hypermarkets. In order to satisfy the needs and demand, there are well-nigh superstores of the company that operate on a 24/7 basis. The format of the store opened by Sainsburys largely depends upo n the area and the need of the customers of that locality (Lancaster & Massingham, pp. 264-266, 2010). Important here to note is that how well Sainsburys and other retailers have been able to oppose to the threat of disintermediation. Critics predicated that with the rise of brick and motor companies, retailers would become extinct. However, Sainsbury has been able to respond well to the challenge of disintermediation by intermediation and setting up new online business. Promotion Sainsburys has been an truculent marketer and promoter for its products. The same is evident with the fact that recently, Sainsburys signed a deal with the organization of 2012 Summer Paralympics, which will take place during 29 August and 9 September 2012. Sainsburys has interpreted a bold step by signing a deal, which is the largest in the history of this event. Sainsburys also takes the credit of giving the ad world the best known slogan in retail advertising which is of Good Food Costs Less at Sain sburys. Furthermore, since 2000, after being pushed at the third note in the retail industry of United Kingdom, it pursued aggressive promotion strategies. Using Jamie Oliver as the ambassador for the corporation, it has been able to add more than extra 1 billion Euros

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